To all, second time here and still the same breathtaking scenery and fantastic animals to hunt. Jesse was a wonderful guide and worked hard for us and the hospitality is always on point. The Moody family is always so wonderful to us. Thanks for sure!
Justin Brown
— Justin Brown, 25 April 2019
Such an amazing place. The countryside is beyond description, the beach and ocean are pristine. Add to that the hospitality and its perfect! Of course the stag was awesome too! Thanks for everything.
Jeff and Molly Layton, Iowa
— Jeff and Molly Layton, 25 April 2019
Return hunters/visitors from 2015. Once again...hospitality and guiding great fun. The Moody family, Jesse, Jay and Harry thank you. Can't wait to come back again.
Su and Shep Brown, Iowa
— Su and Shep Brown,, 25 April 2019
I have hunted in many places around North America for many different animals but this hunt was one of the best! My wife and I both had an awesome time hunting a red stag and fallow deer. The Moody family, guides and cooking was fabulous. This is a "must do hunt" for any sportsman that is looking for spectacular scenery and a neat trip.
Denny and Theresa Weiss, IA
— Denny and Theresa Weiss, 25 April 2019
Thank you so much for an awesome week and amazing experience. We look forward to next time. Thanks again.
Dan and Jess, NY
— Dan and Jess, 19 April 2019
I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to spend time with the wonderful Moody family and staff. The hospitality was amazing. I will be back.
Paul Holland
— Paul Holland, 19 April 2019
Thank you for the wonderful memories! Your place is amazing. We were able to take 4 stag, 3 rams and one goat. We hope to back one day. Thank you again!
Don and Jason Roehrich. Dustin and Max Flatten, SD
— Don and Jason Roehrich, 12 April 2019
Super Duper trip!!! Great stag hunt with fantastic friends. We had an amazing time and would love to come back again. (May be able to work out a deal as we were the life of the party!) Seriously, great people! We enjoyed meeting Adrian, Wendy and Brent. Spending time here was stellar. The guides are hilarious. Harry, Jesse and Jay are great young men and I would welcome anyone of them to marry my daughters!! LOL. It was also wonderful to meet new people whom we will keep in contact with. Thank you so much! Hope to see you all again soon.
Jodi and Rob Nazer, BC, Canada
— Jodi and Rob Nazer, 5 April 2019
This has been such a memorable experience. Great animals, great hunting, great company, great food, great tours, all in a comfortable easy environment. As a spouse I felt just as included as my hunter husband, and truly felt our New Zealand vacation could not have ended any better. Our guide, Harry, had a tremendous knowledge of the animals, area and could answer any question we had. This was the best guided hunting trip we have ever had and the effort spent finding the perfect stag and fallow gave my husband exactly what he wanted. Will gladly recommend you to anyone! Thanks.
Roger and Teresa Eldridge
— Roger and Teresa Eldridge, 5 April 2019
I just want to say thank you all for everything you guys did to make this hunt a success! You all made us feel like family. The food was amazing as well as the drinks you provided! The stags we took will look amazing on our wall. You have an amazing place here and I am very pleased with our choice to come here. Thank you for having us!
Ryan and Nikki Lewis
— Ryan and Nikki Lewis, 5 April 2019
Wow! What a fabulous week with the great staff at Mountain Hunters. From the greeting at the train station to harvesting the trophy animals to the details we all experienced all day long - we are so grateful to everyone for all their hard work to make this hunt/vacation so memorable for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
Vance and Maureen Hrechkosy, Canada
— Vance and Maureen Hrechkosy, Canada, 5 April 2019
We had the most amazing time with the team as well as the other guests. Great people, great food, amazing hunting! Thank you so much for everything!
John Simlick and Amy White, CA
— John Simlick , 22 March 2019
Thank you Moody family for a great adventure in New Zealand. Steve and I scored the animals we had dreamed off. Love the atmosphere and all the personal attention to details. Jay was a pleasure to hunt with and a very hard worker. He is an excellent professional and gentleman. Loved every minute of our stay. Thank you Brent, Adrian and Wendy
Steve Tabler, OR Kevin Tabler AL
— Steve Tabler, 19 March 2019
Aloha, what a great time. Wendy, Adrian, Brent, Jay Jesse and Harry thanks so much for an incredible time in an incredible property with insane animals.
Bill King, HI
— Bill King, 19 March 2019
Had a great time, the fellowship, the hunting, the accommodations, all were way better than anticipated.
Thanks again, Kenny McIntosh, FL
— Kenny McIntosh, 15 March 2019
Brent, Wendy, Adrian , Jay, Jesse, Harry and Mia,
Thank you for making our trip so wonderfully memorable. Such fine hospitality and fellowship. Wishing you all well.
— Perry and Kim Jones, 8 March 2019
Brent, Wendy, Adrian, Mia, Jay, Jesse and Harry,
Thank you so much for making this trip such a marvelous adventure. You truly made it a once in a lifetime experience that will be very hard to top (not that we want to). You should be proud of the joy that you bring to total strangers. I feel like we now have family in New Zealand, England, South Dakota, Florida and Illinois Thank you again and the offer truly stands if you ever find yourself in Western Pennsylvania. You will always have a room and meal waiting for you'all at our house (and I do mean all of you).
Wishing you all the best, David and Heidi Stevenson - this did make our 30th Anniversary very special!
— David and Heidi Stevenson, 8 March 2019
Dear Moody family,
What a wonderful adventure. We've had this on our bucket list for years! Thank you for helping us check that off the list. Everything was awesome - the accommodations, food, friendship! We've made some incredible memories - as I'm sure you did too! Loved playing 2 truths and a lie and a ship in the harbor! Brent you are an awesome young man - your parents should be proud! Your mom is the hardest working person I've met. Loved your dad's stories. He is in my prayers. You will always be welcome at our home. I hope we see you again - oh wait! We will come back when you open the new lodge!
— Jeff and Deb Sizemore, 8 March 2019
Moody crew - thanks for the fantastic week! We were so blessed by our experience with you. You have an amazing lodge and ranch and we thoroughly enjoyed viewing all the red stags! As well as all the other animals. It was so amazing. Tony's bucket list was filled beyond expectations!! The food was great - we loved the wild game as well as everything else. Your hospitality was wonderful and we so enjoyed visiting with everyone and hearing your stories! Anyone we hear of that is considering going somewhere to hunt red stag will be recommended to go the Brent Moody - Mountain Hunters!
— Tony and Marcene, 8 March 2019
Brent, Adrian and Wendy
Thank you so much for making us feel at home while staying. Our hunts were fantastic. Your staff is Top Notch!! Jesse, Jay, Harry and Mia were just super. This was truly a much needed break for all of us. You have a World Class operation. Words cannot express my gratitude to you all. Our home in Montana is welcome to all of you at any time. God Bless you all.
Tom and Erika, MT
— Tom and Erika, 2 March 2019