Brent, finally back in the states. I wanted to thank you for the experience of New Zealand. The guys you have working for you especially Jesse are truly a great addition to the camp. The professionalism and patience they have are truly what makes a great hunt. Your mom did not help me loose any weight either! She is a great cook. I truly enjoyed spending the afternoon with your Dad! We had a great time together. Truly a great experience for me!!!!!
— Joel Westphal, MN , April 2018
Had a hunting adventure, once in a life time. Enjoyed everything from hunt, guides and meals. Best red stags in the world. Expect Hamilton and I sometime in the future. Thanks for everything.
— David and Hamilton Hogan, GA, April 2018
I had a hunt of a lifetime. I saw lots of exceptional game and a lot of fun along the way. Jay did a great job of getting me set up on my animals. Very professional. Thank you.
— Brian Miller, Canada, April 2018
The best of the best!! Memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for a wonderful trip, the hunting, camaraderie, food were all incredible. Many more will experience the great time I'm sure. Good luck for all you do and look forward to hunting with you again soon.
— Deron Millman, OH, April 2018
What an experience! Thank you so very much for your hospitality. We had such a wonderful trip and will forever remember all that you shared with us. We enjoyed your company, your stories, your food, your knowledge, your home. Sincerest thanks to you once again.
— Adam, Jessica, Tyler and Mia Cabelo, OR, April 2018
Dear Santa,
I don't need anything else for Christmas. I have had an excellent trip and seen more world class trophies than ever before. The Moody's have been the most gracious hosts and shown us the beautiful Island they call home. I hope to return for more trophies in the future. Thank you Moody's for a trip of a lifetime.
P.S. The elk here would make Rudolf tremble!
— Saenger, Jessica and Atlas Ellis, TX, April 2018
Thank you to the whole crew! You all made me feel so at home and must comment on the young men in your operation as they were happy and so respectful was a joy to spend the time. Please never loose sight of the wonderful, beautiful land you all live in so grand. The animals and operation are truly top notch and a great fit for this stage in my life. First time on this type of hunt and was past all of my expectations. Somewhere in the future I will make the trip back. Until then, thank you all!
— Gerald Seager, MI, April 2018
You guys are such an amazing group of people! It was such an honor to get to know all of you. Thanks for the great hunt and Wendy thanks for the great eats!! We will miss you guys and see you as soon as possible.
— Amy and Nolan Bauer, AZ, April 2018
I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful hunt and vacation. Your property, operation and wildlife far surpass any expectations I had for any hunt. I felt like I was staying and hunting with old friends that I've known for a lifetime. The quality and quantity of animals on your ranch are second to none. You have a very special place here and a very special group of people. Thanks you so much for everything. I hate to leave this place and feel like I'm leaving friends behind. I hope to return with my daughters someday soon. I wish you the best until we meet again. I'll miss your cooking Wendy.
— Curt Carter, Maine , April 2018
Base Mountain Hunters was great and my guides and the hospitality was first class. This was my first international hunt and was first class. The Moody's made me feel at home and part the their family. I hope I will be able to return some time in the future.
— Orie Matthew, TX, March 2018
Words cannot adequately portray what a wonderful experience spending nearly a week with the Moody family during the roar of the red stag on their family farm. Mountain Hunters is a first class operation. The Moody family makes you feel part of their family from the moment you get here. The food is outstanding and the Moody's let you have the feel of living 'off the land' from fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs. Even fish from the sea was a treat. The guides Jay and Jessie were great and make me feel as though I have 2 new friends. A Plus. High Gold. Can't say enough good things.
— Bill Bassham, TX, March 2018
This was the most amazing trip I've ever been on. It was everything I could ever imagine! From the hunting to the food, everything was 1st CLASS. Thank you so much. I will be back.
— James Kindel, KS, March 2018
As another great hunt has come to an end I am extremely grateful. The hospitality and meals was outstanding. You guys are the best and just wonderful to hang out with. I am looking forward to our next visit. I truly hope you can be our guests in Sweden someday, we would really love to have you.
— Gunnar and Ana Pamuk, Sweden, March 2018
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for an amazing experience! Thanks for taking us into your warm and beautiful home and giving us the opportunity (rare) to get to know the real New Zealand. Wonderful, warm, modest, welcoming people. We learned to know you and your country through you as no tourist will ever do. I had a lot of questions, what you do in case of emergency or how you do shopping so far from town, what you do with children, and so that with a lot of hard work and creative thinking you can manage yourself with joy and fun. The farm is beautiful and is run very effectively by you: egg and meat from the chicken, vegetables from the garden, meat from the hunting, flowers everywhere and good relation with other farmers. Everything was wonderful. Thanks Brent for a wonderful satisfying hunt. You succeeded to make Shmuel's wishes. Thanks Wendy and Adrian for opening your home to us. Thanks Matt and Jesse that were partners to all of it. Our heart and home will be forever open for you when and if you decide to come and visit Israel.
— Hagit and Shmuel Boxer, Israel, March 2018
This was truly the most amazing adventure that Will and I have ever had!! Everything from the food, accommodations, hospitality, hunting and exploring, exceeded ALL expectations. We will most definitely be back!! We can't thank you enough for your kindness and making us feel so welcome. Can't wait for next time.
— Will and Morgan Lane, TX, March 2018
I've been hunting since I was 4 years old and this by far was the best hunt I have ever been on. The Moody family is the best, they make you feel like you are part of their family. I will be back!
— Dexter Allred, TX, March 2018
This by far has been the best hunting trip I've ever been on. Wendy is an excellent cook and everyone makes you feel at home. The guides are very professional, especially Jessie. And Brent ties it all together for a great time. The quality of animals were exceptional. A lot of hunts don't live up to the advertising but there is nothing missing here. Would recommend this outfitter to anyone. Warren.
I had a wonderful time. We got to go shopping, beach walking and hunting. Adrienne is a great guide for non hunters and Wendy a wonderful hostess. We would love to come back again. Gayle.
— Warren and Gayle DeVore, March 2018
An incredibly wonderful experience in every way! Spectacular scenery, excellent hunting, most delicious food and the nicest people on earth! Matt, our guide, went out of his way to give the 'non hunter' a taste of New Zealand wildlife photo opportunities along with grand shooting opportunities for the hunter. Wendy went far above and beyond in providing options for my special dietary needs, especially desserts :) An unexpected treat! And all set in the most beautiful country, overall, I've ever been to. I feel we've made friends for life who are welcome to come to Flagstaff, AZ to visit anytime. Highly recommended. Thank you Brent, Wendy, Adrian, Matt and Jesse and the other Adrienne too!!
— John and Kathy Brooks, AZ, March 2018
I have been so amazed at all the amazing sights, wildlife, food and spending time at camp with all the crew. I have been on numerous out of state or country hunts. I honestly can say I have been well pleased with all aspects of this hunt. Actually the quality of animals, the challenge not too easy, yet the right amount of effort to bag the giants. I have taken virtually every big game animal in North America, but the stag I got here is more impressive than any trophy I have - several of which are record book animals. Having been on so many hunts and knowing what to expect, I was impressed that Mountain Hunters exceeded my expectations in every area. I can't believe I waited until 60 years old to come here. The goat hunt was awesome. I was so glad to have fulfilled another bucket list item of taking these impressive animals with archery equipment. This is a well run outfit and a wonderful family. Matt and Jesse are great guides in addition to the great job Brent does.
— Dan Mallory, AR, March 2018
The hunt was beyond my expectation. We could find a lot of species, red deer, fallow deer, rusa deer, rabbit, goats and ram in their mountain field. Brent taught me how to find and distinguish them by binoculars. I cannot forget my exciting moment of sneaking up behind our target and pull the trigger.

All meals were also special and made me full stomach every time . One morning, Brent and I shot a turkey and we ate that in diner. The words is not enough to explain the wonderful taste.

I would like to express my gratitude to Brent and Adrian. I could enjoy the difference of two cultures.They made my first time of New Zealand really special.

Mata itsuka. (See you again someday)
Shimpei Sugino (Japan)
— Shimpei Sugino (Japan) , September 2017
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