The hunt was beyond my expectation. We could find a lot of species, red deer, fallow deer, rusa deer, rabbit, goats and ram in their mountain field. Brent taught me how to find and distinguish them by binoculars. I cannot forget my exciting moment of sneaking up behind our target and pull the trigger.

All meals were also special and made me full stomach every time . One morning, Brent and I shot a turkey and we ate that in diner. The words is not enough to explain the wonderful taste.

I would like to express my gratitude to Brent and Adrian. I could enjoy the difference of two cultures.They made my first time of New Zealand really special.

Mata itsuka. (See you again someday)
Shimpei Sugino (Japan)
— Shimpei Sugino (Japan) , September 2017
This stop was easily the highlight of my time here in NZ. I look forward to coming back with my family. This feels like a home away from home. Superb hospitality and fantastic hunting!
Ryan Bassham, MT
— Ryan Bassham , July 2017
Incredible experience. Went way above and beyond to make it a wonderful trip and hunting experience. I came along with my husband, not planning to hunt, but quickly changed my mind. Loved the friendly atmosphere and the amazing scenery.
Caroline Dalton, NC
— Caroline Dalton, July 2017
Mountain Hunters New Zealand completely exceeded every expectation that we had. Truly one of the most amazing hunts we have been on. From the quality of the animals, to the physical hunts themselves, to the generosity and hospitality of everyone. Taking a trophy of a lifetime at the top of a mountain, in New Zealand with your son words can not describe it. We have already started planning our 2nd visit to hunt the south and north islands with Brent and team. Can't wait to come back!!! Thank you Brent, Wendy, Adrian and Josh you are the BEST!!!
— Michael Pellegrino, July 2017
Thank you for an amazing hunt! I'm definitely coming back. One of my favorite trips ever! If you guys ever wanna hunt whitetail, we have to much in Chicago, you guys are always welcome. Thank you guys again.
Mike and Matteo
— Matteo Pellegrino , July 2017
Thank you so much for everything! It was an incredible and unforgettable experience. This was my first time in New Zealand, first time hunting deer, or any big game. The scenery is unbelievable and absolutely breathtaking. The stags were very beautiful and extremely gorgeous. The food was incredibly delicious be that breakfast, lunch or dinner. However the best part of my experience, that which made it truly great, was definitely all of you. You were all unbelievably kind, truly making this experience unforgettable. Wendy can easily be called one of the nicest people I have ever met, in addition to being a phenomenal cook. Josh has an amazingly keen eye, being able to spot one little black duck 200 meters away. Brent has incredible patience being able to put up with us and amazing strength and physical stamina, in addition to his good humor and his kind demeanor. Thank you all so much for everything!
Alejandro Bryan Chacon, Mexico
— Alejandro Bryan Chacon, June 2017
I bought my two sons (great young men) to New Zealand to hunt red stag. We were lead to Mountain Hunters by a friend of mine from the States. The hunting, accommodations and food were all and more than we could have hoped for or expected. Staff of Mountain Hunters were excellent and gracious. Wonderful trip.
Ken, Kendrith and Hunter Beebe
— Ken, Kendrith and Hunter Beebe, June 2017
Adrian, Wendy and Brent,
Thanks for the incredible time! The food, hospitality and scenery has been truly spectacular. You have a very special place here and are truly blessed. Thanks again Adrian for being patient with me losing my phone. I will be back in a couple of years to get my stag.
Thanks again, Jason Zakrzewski, MN
— Jason Zakrzewski, June 2017
The whole crew, Brent, the guides, Wendy and Adrian, all work very hard to make the trip successful. The trip was everything that we hoped it would be. Very impressed with the numbers and quality of the animals. I'm going back, bringing my wife and chasing a Tahr.
— Mike Lee, June 2017
Adrian, Wendy Brent and Guys,
Thank you for the best time! Not only hunting but food, fun and fellowship. Your property is amazing! Top notch. Remember to stop by whn in the Sates, our door is always open. I will be back with my wife!
Thank you for everything.
Mark Lee, MN
— Mark Lee, June 2017
Adrian, Wendy, Brent and Group,
Thanks for the wonderful time, hunt, guiding service and food. This has been my best trip so far. A special thank you to Ollie for the great time together as it will never be forgotten. Thanks again.
Adam Lee, MN
— Adam Lee, June 2017
Adrian, Wendy, Brent and Group,
Thank you for the wonderful time spent in New Zealand. You guys made this place feel like home with your hospitality and kindness. I also want to give Josh a special thanks for putting up with me and helping me chase that stag for two days. It was a first bow kill that I will never forget.
Thanks so much, Travis Torkelson, MN
— Travis Torkelson, June 2017
This was an amazing week of hunting and good fun/food. Thank you for hosting us and providing top notch service. I'll be seeing you again when I bring my family back for some more awesome hunting!
David Clyde, UT
— David Clyde, June 2017
Adrian, Wendy and Brent,
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and hunt of a lifetime. My son and I had the best experience - everything you promised and then some. "Mum's" cooking was phenomenal. Please let us know if you ever make it to Florida, we'd love to share some good ol' southern hospitality!
Rick and Ricky Thames, Jacksonville, Florida
— Rick and Ricky Thames,, June 2017
What a wonderful time we had with your family. The food and hospitality was amazing. Thank you Brent for an awesome hunting experience. Wendy was amazing and terrific with MJ. We appreciate your kindness and patience with her. She had a trip of a lifetime. The day trips were wonderful and we loved the personal tours of the beaches and towns. We will always remember this as one of our best trips!
Thanks for everything, The Ralstons. Mark, Michelle and MJ
— Mark & Michelle Ralston , May 2017
Dear Brent, Wendy, Josh and Adrian,
This was a very special experience and we have enjoyed everything so much, your company, amazing trophies and scenery. Definitely memories that would last for ever and ever. We are looking forward to hosting you in our camps in Africa.
Take care, Wiaan, Fritz, Tomas and Miquel
— Wiaan Ven Der Linde (Wintershoek Safaris) , May 2017
Brent, Wendy, Adrian, Josh and Ollie,
Thank you for everything that you have done to make our trip a truly once in a lifetime trip. It doesn't take long to see that you understand what is important. The awesome trophies are great but the opportunity to share the experience with our sons and friends is what life is all about. We will call you our good friends forever.
Gary Finn, David Finn, Steve Finn, Troy Finn, Jason Grenstiner, Mark Larlve
Sturgis, SD
— Gary Finn, David Finn, Steve Finn, Troy Finn, Jason Grenstiner, Mark Larlve, April 2017
Dear friends,
We've had a marvelous time here hunting, eating, touring and the like. Found the animal selection, quality and variety unmatched. We were able to take exactly what we wanted in bronze stag, typical fallow and Jill took a great ram. This should be a 'bucket list' destination for any hunter and his/her family. Great people, places, food and a home-like atmosphere equate to a marvelous experience.

Rick and Jill Butler
Fort Collins, Colorado
— Rick and Jill Butler, April 2017
Had a wonderful NZ experience. Thank you Brent and family I appreciate the opportunity we had to visit. The meals and accommodations were great and top notch animals and plenty of them. You answered all my questions about NZ. Thank you.
Ron, Tammy and Megan Stucki
— Ron, Tammy and Megan Stucki, April 2017
Excellent start with Henry (Hank) Shelton of Charlottesville, Virginia arriving in Wellington for 8th hunt with Adrian Moody since 1992. 3 deer, 2 reds and 1 fallow deer in 4 shots. Will be enjoyed by NZ friends and family around the Bay of Plenty. The whole whanau appreciate the skills, hospitality and aroha of the Moody whanau over many years.
Arohanui and all the good things to y'all,
— Hank Shelton, April 2017
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