Hunting Seasons

Our Hunting season begins at the start of February with the Red Stags and Elk stripping their velvet followed by the Sika and Fallow. The bulk of our trophy hunting takes place between early March and the end of July, which is fall/winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The Stags and Elk start shedding their antlers in mid August. Rusa and Sambar can be hunted from the end of May when they start stripping their velvet, with the peak of their rut being end July/early August. Tahr and Chamois can be hunted year round but their capes are best May through August.

Red Stag February -End July
Elk February -End July
Fallow Buck February-End July
Tahr March-September
Chamois March-September
Sika February-End July
Sambar May-October
Rusa May-October