Free Range Hunting

Wilderness Hunts for Tahr and Chamois on the South Island

Tahr countrry

One of the most unique free range hunts in the world today is Tahr and Chamois in rugged South Westland. Southwestland is over 1 million acres of public concession land with abundand game and very limited access due to terrain. Your hunt starts at sea level in the thick West Coast rain forest where you and your guide will load into a helicopter and be whisked onto the tops of the Southern Alps and in minutes be in country that is otherwise impossible to access. Our pilot knows the country like the back of his hand and will drop you in a place that has lots of game and has not been pressured by other hunters. Your guide will set up camp and you will be in hunting heaven, able to glass game right from the tent. Get ready to climb as this terrain is some of the most rugged in the world, but you will be right amongst an abundance of animals! Often we will relocate to a different spot for chamois as they tend to move at a lower altitude where they can come and go from the cover of the bush edge. 

Spike Camp on the MountainGlassing for Tahr