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Alpine Chamois

Both the Bucks and Does carry horns making great trophies, although the bucks horns are usually heavier the does can be longer. Chamois have exceptional eyesight and usually weigh between 70 to 100 pounds.

The best time to hunt

Chamois have 3 different colour phases through the year, grey-brown in the summer, tan at the end of summer and black in the winter. Their thick black winter coat is fullest may through August. The rut is during the month of May.


See Free Range Hunting for more information about our wilderness hunts. We can also use the helicopter to access the mountains for day hunting on foot but returning to the lodge for the comforts of home in the evening!

For people that don't want to battle the mountains we can also offer an aerial assisted trophy hunt for a adrenaline packed adventure. Or we can take you to our Tahr and Chamois properties on the East Coast where we spot game right from the back door of the lodge. This is a large high fenced area where hunters can take trophies on foot or hunt from polaris rangers.

Lots of time is spent glassing during alpine hunting so good optics are essential.

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