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Rusa Hunting in New Zealand

Javan Rusa were liberated into New Zealand in 1907 from Indonesia. Being a tropical deer prefer a warmer climate and will be seen soaking up the warmth and sun. 

Rusa are only obtainable in the North Island and we have one of the few privately managed herds in the country. The numbers are growing and trophy quality improving. Stags are typically 3x3 and 28”-36” in length, they are noted for their attractive “vertical” antlers and heavy pearling.  Only a limited number of trophies are available each season as our management program allows for the improvement of the herd. 

Rusa are in velvet through until the end of April and can be hunted from early May onward. They are very vocal in the rut (July/August), they roar similar to a red stag and also squeal a bit like an Elk.