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Yes, we have Elk in New Zealand too! President Roosevelt gifted a herd of 20 animals to New Zealand in 1909. They are extremily hard to hunt on public land and have crossed with Red deer, so are mostly hybrid. However, we have a small number of Elk on our game estate and every year there are a few Bulls that grow to very respectable sizes!

During the rut (March/April) Bulls can be heard form quite a distance bugling in the mountains. The Elk will cross with Red Deer so Bulls may compete with the Stags during the rut. Some Elk/Red cross can be hunted and make great trophies although are not recognized by SCI for the record book. 

Bulls range in size from 300 to 400+ SCI score with a variation of typical and non-typical racks. 

New Zealand offers an economic alternative to hunting Elk in the States with high quality attractive Bulls at competitive prices.