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Tahr Hunting in New Zealand 

Himalayan Tahr are an impressive sort after trophy, ideally suited to the steepest, most hospitable peaks of the Southern Alps in the South Island. Their long blond manes make them appear twice their body size.  A trophy Bull Tahr hunt is undoubtedly the best value mountain hunt anywhere in the world today!

The best time to hunt

Bull Tahr make best trophies when their winter coat is fullest and their manes are long and thick with blond tips. This means hunting from May through July. The rut is in late May/June/July.


See Free Range Hunting for more information about our wilderness hunts. We can also use the helicopter to access the mountains for day hunting on foot but returning to the lodge for the comforts of home in the evening!

For people that don't want to battle the mountains we can also offer an aerial assisted trophy hunt for a adrenaline packed adventure. Or we can take you to our Tahr and Chamois properties on the East Coast where we spot game right from the back door of the lodge. The lower country is a large high fenced area where hunters can take trophies on foot or hunt from polaris rangers. Higher up is a large area we hunt free range animals on foot.

Lots of time is spent glassing during alpine hunting so good optics are essential.

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