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5 Day Red Stag Hunting packages – North Island Estate

Stags soaking up the sun

Hunt big Red Stags in the lush bush clad mountains of the North Island with bow, rifle or muzzle loader. This hunt includes red stag trophy fee, 5 nights’ accommodation at our lodge, 4 full hunt days, all dining and beverages, open bar, guiding throughout the hunt, use of quality firearms and ammunition, field preparation of trophies and local transfers. Upgrades and additional trophies (e.g. Fallow buck, Sika, Arapawa Ram etc.) can all be added in field during the hunt. View our red stag gallery and SCI score guide. *Please note we have a minimum of High Silver (350-375) for bookings in February, March & April.*

1 on 1 Stag PackagesSCI ScoreCurrent Price USD
Bronze up to 325$5,000
High Silver350-375 $7,500
High Gold400-450 $12,500
Super Gold450-500 SCI$17,500

500-600 SCI $25,000

600+ POA
2 on 1 Stag Packages*
SCI ScoreCurrent Price USD
Bronzeup to 325$4,500
High Silver 350-375$6,500
Gold375-400  $8,500
High Gold400-450  $11,500
Super Gold450-500 SCI$16,500

*2 on 1 Stag hunts are based on 2 single hunters hunting with 1 guide and sharing a large room with 1 bathroom. Price per hunter. Each hunter can select a different class of Stag. We also offer 3 on 1 guided rifle hunts at the same rate for a group of 3 wanting to hunt together. 

For more information and pricing on shipping your trophies home check out our Expediting Page

  • HUNT GUARANTEE: Hunting our North Island Estate we guarantee you will see an abundant selection of trophy quality animals and if you don't harvest the trophy you came for we will refund you the full hunt package cost. 
  • Trophy Quality: When hunting Red Stag and Fallow Buck the hunter is NOT responsible for any extra trophy fees if the animal scores higher than adjudged by the guide.

Additional Trophies - North Island

Fallow Buck 
Representative up to 200 SCI$1,900
Silver 200-225 SCI$3,500
Gold 225+ SCIFrom $5,500 
Elk (limited numbers) 300-440+ SCIFrom $6,000
Sika$1,900 - $6,000
Rusa$2,500 - $6,500
Sambar $8,500
Pacific Goat$950
Arapawa Ram$950
Trophy Wild Boar (option to hunt with dogs)$1,950
Merriam's Turkey$300ea
Additional Red Stag trophies
1x1 Package rates, less $2,000

Tahr and Chamois Add On - Southern Alps

Add on to your Red Stag hunt, this adventure combines the very best of New Zealand's hunting locations and scenic beauty. Includes trophy Fees on Tahr & Chamois, flight to South Island, guiding and accommodation 3 days, 2 nights. 

Tahr and Chamois $9,500
Tahr only$6,500

4 Species North Island Package for 1 hunter and 1 companion - $8,500 

Bronze Red Stag Arapawa Ram Pacific Goat

Includes 5 nights’ accommodation at our lodge, all dining and beverages, open bar, guiding throughout the hunt, use of quality firearms and ammunition, local sight seeing and touring, local transfers, field preparation of trophies, and trophy fees for Red Stag (up to 325 SCI), Fallow Buck (representative), Ram and Goat. Trophies can be shared between the 2 of you. Upgrades and additional trophies can be added in field.

Upgrade Stag 325-350 SCI+$1,500
Upgrade Stag 350-375 SCI+$3,000

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Additional Day rates if required

One Hunter one guide
$400 per night
Two Hunters one guide $300 per night
Non Hunters in camp $250 per night
Sightseeing and day tours for non-hunters Free

1 or 2 Day Hunts for the Traveling Hunter 

For those who are traveling through New Zealand and would like to do a hunt but don't have time for a 5 night package we have flexible 1 or 2 day hunts.  You will get to see plenty of game and have a good hunt in a short amount of time. The daily rate is US $300 and includes a guide for the whole day, use of firearms and ammunition, transport and access around our ranches, basic butchery (can take meat with you!) & packed lunch for the day out. With our ranch being only 3 mile from Riversdale beach we can recommend great accommodations near by to stay at. Saturdays or Sundays work best for us when we are cleaning the lodge between groups. We are 2 hrs drive from Wellington City or 45 mins drive from Masterton. You can hunt any of our species on a trophy fee basis, most popular being Bronze class Red Stag (up to 325") for US $2,500, or Silver class Red Stag (325-350") for US $4,000. Trophy fees only payable on a successful harvest. Enquire for more information. 

*Prices in USD and subject to change without notice.