Finishing up the hunting season down under..

Hi Everyone, 
I would like to thank all of our guests that have hunted with us this year, it has been a very successful and enjoyable season with lots of very impressive trophies taken, friendships created and memories made! 
We were lucky to have a mild dry climate through most of the season until the last group who hit a 'cold snap' putting a damper on the hunting. I was pleased with the quality of our red stags improving this year with over half of the trophies taken scoring in excess of 400 SCI, and 7 in the 500-600+ range! 
In addition to the Red Stags we also harvested some excellent Sika, Rusa, Fallow, Tahr and Chamois. We also had a blast on some of our longer tour trips taking in a lot of the best New Zealand sights and highlights! 
I will be seeing some of you again shortly as I head to the US next week for a couple months. Feel free to reach me on 432 703 0333.  If not this time we will look forward to catching up with many of you in January or at SCI Las Vegas in February, our booth numbers are 6252 and 6254. Slots for 2016 are filling up so if your at all interested in organizing a New Zealand adventure please get in touch with me and we can talk about it.  

All the best and thanks again to all our new friends!