Trophy Expediting and Shipping

How to Get Your Trophies Home

We provide our own in-house expediting service! This means we personally do all the turning, fleshing and salting of hides; boiling of skulls; crating, permitting, documentation and delivery to shipping company. This means we export your trophies faster while having control over how your trophies are treated and save you the headache of dealing with people you don't know on the other side of the world!

Indicative costs of expediting and shipping are available on request. Freight costs depend on size of trophies.

What to bring:

  • Your Taxidermist name, address, phone, email
  • Your clearance agent/broker name, address, phone, email

Taxidermy in New Zealand

If you want to get your trophies mounted in New Zealand we recommend Sika Country Taxidermy. Vern and Louise have won numerous Awards and produce high quality mounts.